Jued Factor is a partnership between Jude Udueni and Ebby Udueni Drenthe. These two artists have united forces to create an African European alliance. Our goal is to create Afro European productions like TV series, Musicals, Concerts, Festivals, also import and export of arts, crafts, and some charity goodwill works.








    Jude Udueni  Theatre Arts research fellow from the University of Ibadan.  This versatile Theatre Artist has been in the mainstream of professional practice since two and a half decades.

During this period he has been writing and producing for: TV, Film, Radio and Stage. Some of his works include: I NEED TO KNOW- adaptation for radio. SAVE JOURNEY 2, a radio drama for Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, University Performing Arts Competition (UNIC) Peopleís Joint, One Language and Dance of The Rivers for International festival of contemporary Dance (IFCOD) and so on.

He was one of the Weekenders at London International Theatre Festival LIFT June 2018 where new trends of theatre were explored. He exchanged program experience with Walk The Plank on outdoor spectacles during the Manchester Day. He was also resident at the Producer Farm  Dittsham, Devon, The Producer Farm is a joint initiative from Dance Umbrella with partners Bristol Old Vic FERMENT, In  Between Time, Fuel and Coombe Farm Studios. Responding to a need for support and on-going training for arts producers, the residency provides time and space in an invigorating environment for contemporary performance producers to refresh their current practice, and consider their future potential.

His interest in writing for Social studies and Civic education was sparked in 2013 when he was contracted by New Generation for Change Educational Fund NGCEF to write short dramas for schools in Lagos state. The organization focused on the seven core values in the nationís constitution. After writing about 25 short stories for the organization, he came up with the personal idea of writing study materials for these subjects based on the curriculum. He is presently the Project Manager for International Festival of Contemporary Dance (IFCOD)


Miss Autumn Leaves (Ebby Drenthe)Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer/ MC/ Writer: is a great charismatic singer with a warm, beautiful and strong voice. She sings different styles of music. From soulful House, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Pop, R&B; you name it and she sings it except Opera, a style which she adores.


That's why she wrote her next musical 'Sing Sister Swing', with the theme 'Gospel versus Opera', which will be presented next year in the near future! You can hear Miss Autumn Leaves' Gospel influences through her singing; full of faith, love, joy and power.


Throughout her singing career she has sung for great artists and famous names, such as: Gloria Estefan, Madeline Bell, Debby Sledge, Dana Winner, at the wedding of Ruud Gullit, Paul Haarhuis, Alex Blanchard, and many more. Nowadays she is known as a great Dance Diva in Belgium and sings in the most popular clubs and events in the world!


At the moment Miss Autumn Leaves is working with some of the best DJ's / Producers from the USA, England, The Netherlands, Italy Germany and Belgium. You can find her CD's on I-tunes, Amazone, Beatport, etc.To find out more, listen to her music, watch great performances on video.






























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